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James Gillett is the owner of Earthquake Construction Service; his qualifications include:

- Specialist in all Seismic Retrofit Procedures: foundation anchoring sectional brick & soft wall repair, buttress walls, cantilevered columns, extended subdiaphragms, structural panels, premium reframing, bug & rot repair

- Well-respected Industry Member of the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California

- Experience and Integrity: we will tell you if your structure needs to be strengthened a lot, a little, or not at all.

- Teacher of 'Earthquake Retrofitting' seminar at the Building Education Center in Berkeley

- Author of the recently published Earthquake Retrofitting: The Book a valuable resource for builders, buyers, inspectors, realtors, do-it-yourselfers, & homeowners

- 30 years of seismic experience in Bay Area "Ask Jim". Recent job references are available upon request.

Always get AT LEAST three bids for retrofit project; Earthquake Construction Service/J. Gillett provides superior know-how and local experience; call ECS today!

Earthquake Construction Service
Residential and Commercial Seismic Retrofits
Jim Gillett: 1-800-369-1212

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